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AZ Legislative Session 2021


-HB2770; mask mandates; business exception

This bill is now at Governor Duceys desk.

He has until Saturday 4/10/21 to sign the bill. 

If he does not sign the bill by the above mentioned date, the bill automatically passes into law effective 90 days after. 

Ducey signing the bill into law makes it effective immediately. 

Click here to contact the Governor urging his signature on HB2770

-HB2190; a strike everything bill will make it illegal for a business to require vaccine passports for consumers.

As of 4/7/21, this bill is awaiting to be heard by a full Senate vote. 

Please email all Senators demanding their support on HB2190.

-Sen. Karen Fann(Pres) LD1

-Sen Rosanna Gabaldon (D) LD2

-Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales (D) LD3

-Sen Lisa Otondo (D) LD4

-Sen. Sonny Borrelli (Maj. Whip) (R) LD5

-Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) LD6

-Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai (D) LD7

-Sen. Thomas Shope (R) LD8

-Sen. Victoria Steele (Min. Whip) (D) LD9

-Sen. Kirsten Engel (D) LD10

-Sen. Vince Leach (Pres Pro. Tempore) (R) LD11

-Sen. Warren Petersen (R) LD12

-Sen. Sine Kerr (R) LD13

-Sen. David Gowan (R) LD14

-Sen. Nancy Barto (R) LD15

-Sen. JD Mesnard (R) LD17

-Sen. Sean Bowie (D) LD18

-Sen. Lupe Contreras (Asst. Min. Lead.) (D) LD19

-Sen. Paul Boyer (R) LD20

Sen. Rick Gray (Maj. Lead.)(R) LD21

-Sen. David Livingston (R) LD22

-Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R) LD23

-Sen. Lela Alston (D) LD24

-Sen Tyler Pace (R) LD25

-Sen. Juan Mendez (D) LD26

-Sen. Rebecca Rios (Min. Lead) (D) LD27

-Sen. Christine Marsh (D) LD28

-Sen. Martin Quezada (Min. Whip) (D) LD29

-Sen. Tony Navarrete (D) LD30