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AZ Legislative Session 2021


As of June 30th, 2021 Gov. Doug Ducey signed the FY 2021 Budget which included a number of positives when it comes to parental rights and medical freedom.

-Blocks public health measures including vaccine of mask mandates meant to control the coronavirus in schools and universities. Mandatory testing will also be outlawed, except in cases of outbreaks in dormitories and only with approval from Ducey's administration.

-Bans any instruction that infers that one race is inherently racist, should be discriminated against or feel guilty because of their race. (Critical Race Theory) Teachers could lose their licenses and their schools fined for violations.

-Arizona's school vouchers, known formally as 'Empowerment Scholarship Accounts" or ESA, allows eligible students to use the money that would otherwise go to their public school for private-school tuition, home-school materials and other needs.





- "Ensuring Parents' Rights are Protected"

Executive Order 2021-11

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This EO enforces all public and charter schools to provide sex education curriculum readily available to parents at least 2 weeks prior to any instruction offered to review, and decide if their child will partake.

*Governor Doug Duceys executive order also recognizes the AZ Parents Bill of Rights and that it is the liberty of parents to decide the upbringing & education of their child and this is a fundamental right that no other political subdivision shall infringe upon.