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About Us


A vital time to get involved in medical freedom is during our states legislative session.

This is the time when our elected officials will submit bills to then go through the process to possibly become a law.

Although our elected officials vote on these bills, you as a citizen of our state are a very important piece to the process.

Arizona has a mechanism called RTS (Request to Speak; don't worry you are not required to speak)



RTS allows you to vote on a bill - whether you support or oppose it - legislators DO look at the publics opinion on a bill before they vote on it themselves. You can do this all from the comfort of your home. So even if you aren't able to make a lot of events, or you are just getting involved & not quite sure where to jump in, RTS is a great place to begin with no pressure involved.

To get your RTS account set up, click here for step by step instructions and a volunteer will activate your account at the capitol for you.

During legislative session, Az Coalition for Medical Freedom will share calls to action and updates on bills related to the cause and you would then log in to your RTS account & cast your vote! 

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