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    "Arizona Coalition for Medical Freedom"

        works to educate Arizonans and our

               legislators on parental rights,

           health freedom, informed consent,

                       and medical privacy.

       We are the original grassroots group

            in Arizona fighting for your rights. 


                    Over 6 years ago I was searching for a group/platform that had like minded people that believed in educating and working to uphold our liberties and parental rights and I found that it did not exist. So, I decided, why not make one!?

                    Then, came the birth of the first coalition group doing just that! With a number of amazing admins/moderators over the years, we have since grown and made noise! From holding the very first EVER Medical Freedom Rally in Arizona at the state capitol, to an education summit with amazing keynote speakers, holding classes on getting involved legislative wise... we have helped educate others, have encouraged hundreds to become precinct committeemen, have helped push good quality legislation and much more.

                     Like many of you, I have been in this fight for a long time, over 15 years to be exact... before social media was huge - I remember typing up packets with information on exemptions and studies and stories and passing them out at work and on the street helping to educate people that YOU HAVE A CHOICE. So many of you have done the exact same thing for years and years - true grassroots-boots on the ground-hard work to raise awareness. That is what it takes - all of us, not ONE person or ONE group but all of us hand in hand side by side doing what we can to protect our freedoms, our liberties, and our God given rights.

                    The past year and a half, despite major government overstepping, has had a silver lining - it finally opened the eyes of THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people and our efforts together have become even stronger! Remember with a stronger force together like this, we will receive even more push back but remember, stay strong, stay united & our efforts will prosper!

                    Along with our private FB group, our FB page, Instagram, Telegram and this website... we will be providing updates on legislation, current events, news, elections, and anything related to medical freedom and parental rights in our state!

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We hope to see you out there standing and fighting!


We believe upholding our parental and civil rights should be two of the most important rights we preserve!

Our Mission

Protecting medical freedom & parental rights for all citizens in Arizona while educating at a grassroots level.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is that our health rights are upheld along with the "Arizona Parental Bill of Rights", allowing parents to freely decide their child's upbringing as they see fit without government overreach.

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