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Where are you standing in history?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Why are so many schools across our nation no longer teaching our children about the Holocaust? Its absence is creating a generation that believes the Holocaust in fact, did not even occur! We all know the saying, “History repeats itself” – that rings true and it certainly will repeat when history is no longer being taught in schools. Omitting the atrocities of the Holocaust from education will allow the same dictatorship to occur because the upcoming generation, the future of our great nation will be unaware of its existence.

Are we there? Is this where the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany will once again occur? The Jews were targeted and although we all cannot even fathom how it came to be, the rhetoric used against them gained such substantial support from society. They were deemed dirty, diseased, and plagued. What led up to this? How could so many jump on board targeting a group of people – and with such severity and disgust? Some may think they would never fall into the brainwashing mindset that many did during the 1940’s. Take a look around you – they’re already doing it.


Since the beginning of time, people have always wanted to hold power. We all do to some degree, right? In some situations that have stuck out through history, it’s much more than the decisions we make of what life will I lead, or what job will I have. It’s extreme power – either led by money, by land, by power to dictate how others live… All land in the world was conquered due to someone wanting power.

Leading up to the goal Hitler had to annihilate the European Jews, typhus disease ran rampant. It killed hundreds of thousands during World War II. The Nazis had identified typhus, which is spread by head lice as a disease characteristic of parasitic, subhuman people – aka, the Jews. How was Hitler successful in leading so many people to commit such vulgar crimes against humanity and welcome segregating people? Did this happen overnight? Absolutely not. It is a process… a process that includes propaganda and perhaps a dash of Stockholm Syndrome and relying on the very person holding them captive. First, Hitler would have to successfully dehumanize the Jewish people and convince the rest of society it is “for the greater good”.

Advertisements were placed in public places depicting a Jewish man with head lice. Public broadcast and publications were constantly advertised everywhere people went. It would be displayed at parades on floats, store signs, entry way to businesses, billboards, the radio… sound familiar?

Nazi Germany proclaimed Jews were diseases that would run rampant so long as people didn’t find a way to rid the virus. Through this type of marketing and misinformation, Hitler convinced MILLIONS that Jews posed a deadly threat to all of humanity. The manipulation birthed an opportunity to then create legislation limiting the Jews ability to live normal… and society genuinely believed, “it was for the good of the people”.

During the 1930’s, many anti-semitic laws were passed throughout Germany.

-German schools limited the number of Jewish students to a maximum of 1.5% of total intake.

- Four months later, Jews were banned from owning or running farms, which many families relied upon for sustainability and work.

-Nuremberg Laws were later enacted that stripped Jews from their citizenship and rights.

-It was made “illegal” for Jews to use any public spaces… parks, buildings, playgrounds, skating rinks, movie theaters, businesses…

-Jews were also required to wear a yellow star on their clothing that represented the Star of David with the word “JEW” on it. In some ghettos, they were required to wear a white armband with a blue star of David on their left arm. Even babies and very small children were forced to wear this. The star badge and armband was intended to humiliate Jews and to mark them out for segregation and discrimination. This policy also made it easier to identify Jews when down the road the Nazis collected them to deportation and concentration camps.

After 1935, with the help of public propaganda, antisemitism was an everyday, everywhere “thing” – it was finally accepted amongst most non-Jews as being truth. On November 9th, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were targeted. They were attacked, and vandalized purely for being Jewish owned. More than 250 synagogues were also destroyed – up in flames, glass in the street, livelihoods destroyed.

Finally began the full attack on separating Jews from society. In October of 1938, a new law was issued. Jews were required to surrender their passports, declaring them invalid ONLY UNTIL the letter “J” was stamped on them to differentiate who is who in society.

The words “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS” is now widely known as the sentence of a police state.

Shortly after, an additional law was declared limiting Jewish travel, and ability to buy. Again, society accepted this as being necessary – remember, most of the nation believed Hitlers lie that Jews were diseased sick people that would cause widespread health problems if not separated from society. They were told “it’s for your protection” - (these words sound awfully familiar).


In the early years of World War II, German authorities created “ghettos” for Jews promising them better conditions, opportunity to work and very few questioned it. They would show advertisements on television that depicted Jewish families eating dinner together, Jewish children playing together outside. It was the farthest from the truth. People endured unimaginable sufferings during the multiple day travel to these “ghettos”… no food, water, or toilet facilities. Many sadly did not make it to their destination. For those that did survive, from 1942 onward, they were deported to extermination camps under the guise of “resettlement”.

Although many non-Jews fell into Hitlers antisemitic beliefs, some were on the right side of history. They would risk their lives to hide their Jewish friends. Behind walls in their homes, under floorboards, secret rooms were created… Unfortunately, many Germans that believed Hitler would report suspicious activity and the “Geheime Staatspolizei” (Secret State Police aka “Gestapo”) would force themselves into these homes and forcibly remove the Jews sending them to concentration camps.

There were 5 major extermination camps, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz. Many prisoners in the camps experienced unthinkable torture. 70,000 disabled people were sent to locations and killed by carbon monoxide. By random, prisoners would be taken to rooms, stripped naked and gassed to death. Prisoners were put through experiments and “decontamination” – forced to undergo medical testing and medical procedures. German authorities would dump the dead bodies into a crematorium and when those were overloaded, they would dump bodies by the masses in fields and burnt their corpses to disguise the mass genocide. At the end of the war, it is estimated about 6 million Jewish men, women and children were murdered.

The saying goes… “If you put a frog in boiling water, it’ll jump right out. If you put a frog in cold water and gradually bring it to a boil, it will sit there until it dies.”

Why are so many people relating the events that led up to the Holocaust to what is occurring today with Covid-19?


In current day we are seeing “Mask Up” “Roll up your sleeve & protect your Grandma” “Your mask/vaccine protects me” “Wear a mask and save a life” “Be a hero and wear a mask” “My vaccine is for you, your vaccine is for me” – plastered on highway signs, billboards, signs along streets, social media, TV ads, YouTube ads, radio ads, notifications on phones, and politicians spewing the same manipulation. Cities and towns are providing phone numbers for neighbors to “rat out” their neighbors that may be gathering in ‘large numbers’ or businesses not requiring masks, or churches for SINGING… Video has been shared from all over showing what many call “Modern Day Gestapo” trying to make arrests or provide fines.

School districts and superintendents are lying to parents about their legal right to decline vaccines for their school children. Schools are DENYING children their right to an education, refusal of enrollment or un-enrolling them due to their parents opting out of vaccinations whether for personal or religious beliefs. Even children with medical exemptions backed by a doctor are being denied a public-school education.

Facebook and other social media platforms are censoring information that relates to parents even questioning vaccines or masks for themselves or their children. Facebook groups pertaining to health freedom, parental rights, liberties, and the like are under constant scrutiny and under a microscope for even discussing these concerns.

Doctors offices are kicking children out of their practice for their parents exercising their right to choose which medical procedure their children are getting. Doctors that support health choice and parental rights are being attacked and threatened to have their medical license removed. We have seen people physically attacking others for not wearing a mask, verbal attacks, families breaking apart due to difference of opinion in regard to a mask or the Covid-19 vaccine.

Businesses are denying consumers services for not wearing a mask even if it is due to a medical reason. Businesses are asking people with a medical condition for ‘their papers’. Some stores are forcing people to walk around the store with a bracelet on, or pushing a cart with a large sign, or a sticker on their shirt identifying them as being “checked” for not wearing a mask. Hmmm…when in history were people forced to wear identifying items on their clothing?

Those that don’t wear a mask are still unable to use public places… Youth sports, parks, playgrounds, movie theaters, jobs, schools for kids. Children with disabilities are getting kicked off airlines, a mother was kicked off a plane because her child did not have a mask on while ACTIVELY breastfeeding. The ability to live normal, work, go to school, travel has become severely strained today. This sounds like a similar situation that occurred 80+years ago in Germany. The systemic destruction of a group of people.


Now, here we are… 398+ days since the Covid pandemic was declared and we are seeing The Biden Administration and state legislation pushing to require vaccine passports in order to travel, utilize services, attend school, go to church, buy or sell. This isn’t JUST a covid-19 passport. This is a VACCINATION PASSPORT. ALL IN. The CDC schedule recommends 69-72 doses of vaccines by age 18 not including the 4 doses administered in utero while the adult schedule has additional doses coming in at a staggering 180+ doses by the age of 79 & if you live longer than that, even MORE doses.

Have you had all of those? If you are an adult, do you have your record of having all of those as a child? If you don’t to the government, to the Department of Health, you are considered unvaccinated. What bout just skipping the flu shot? Or Gardisil? If you don’t have all of those, with the Vaccine Passport you cannot stop for gas. You cannot just run inside and grab a drink from your local convenience store. You cannot grab coffee on your way to work.. that is, if you are lucky enough TO WORK.

There are so many questions surrounding this.

What does this look like for our future? Whether you ARE fully up to date on your vaccinations or not, can you say whole-heartedly that the government should have the ability to implement any of the 250+ vaccinations that are in the making RIGHT NOW to this passport if they DEEM it necessary? What else can they decide to force onto us medically? Does our government have the authority to force us to inject a liability free product into our bodies? Does it stop there?

Who will these businesses use to check our vaccine passport? The door greeter at Walmart? Re they trained in HIPAA? ADA laws? What about booster shots? These scenarios are a violation of our health rights and privacy!

Society is doing this because of a virus with a 99+% survival rate? Is this really due to covid? Is it a result of that same rhetoric and propaganda Hitler pushed on the Jews? Is this an opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to run the world? Pharmaceutical companies are now the #1 industry when it comes to lobbying – outspending big oil, and Big-Ag.

Call me it if the shoe fits, but 15 years ago I was called crazy when I mentioned vaccine passes would become a thing too.

The state of New York has legislation proposed that includes language like, “Allow removal or people who are or MAY be considered a danger to public health” “may order removal or detention”… “shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor”. It would allow mandatory “treatment, examination, testing, therapy, vaccinations, decontamination” to those detained”… but remember! “IT’S FOR YOUR PROTECTION.”

The covid-19 vaccinations are listed under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). I requested multiple FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act) and upon my correspondence with the FDA and CDC in regard to those requests, it was confirmed these are unlicensed, products. There is NO package insert like every other vaccination has, there is no FULL list of ingredients, no SAE list (Severe adverse events). This is because the long term effects are unknown and as the product is dispersed throughout the country, the data is being gathered – in other words WE ARE THE LONG TERM CLINICAL TRIAL. How can this vaccine, that is incapable of providing full informed consent, that has no long term studies, be pushed to be required to go to school, work, buy things, or travel?


As of April 13th, 2021 the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccination was placed on a hold per the FDA & CDC due to rare blood disorders occurring. Pfizer and Moderna also have a ‘vaccination’ for Covid-19. By definition, the 2 products do not fall under the definition of a vaccination but rather what many are calling it, a “gene therapy”. These mRNA vaccines are the first authorized vaccines in the United States. Normally, by definition, vaccines are injected into your body to create and immune response in hopes our body will produce antibodies. The products by Moderna and Pfizer do not do that. Instead, it is injecting a concoction into your body (that society is unable to made aware of what it contains), sending a strand of synthetic RNA into your creating the S1 spike protein, a pathogen. (Oxford definition: pathogen: a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease). All prior animal testing on mRNA products resulted in 100% of every animal - dead. There has never been a successful animal study on mRNA EVER.

All three of these vaccinations are experimental. It’s why they are not approved by the FDA and are unlicensed. Should society be forced to receive an experimental, gene therapy product with no license, no long term study done on animals OR humans?

The bigger question is, should our government have the ability to FORCE us to receive this product by making it absolutely difficult to live in the world? Whatever happened to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? What happened to our 1st amendment? What happened to Nuremberg Code? What happened to bodily autonomy which falls under the 9th amendment? What happened to parental rights? They are dying off. We have allowed our freedoms to die off because we have sat by far too long and watched it happen.

We have allowed our government to divide us. Because, if we are united together as the people, there are more of us than them and that just cannot happen in order for their ultimate goal to be successful – POWER. So they divide us by saying people that don’t mask are dirty or diseased. They divide us by saying people that don’t want this covid vaccine are dirty and diseased. They divide us by turning us against each other and making us think the other doesn’t care about society. Hitler DID THIS. Hitler took the Jews and pushed propaganda and indoctrinated the masses to believe the Jews were dirty and diseased.

It is blatantly obvious there is a plan set out to make society terrified of people that question vaccines and/or question wearing masks.

The question is, which side of history will YOU be on? Will you be on the side that stands up to protect society, our freedoms and the world as we know it even if it isn’t YOUR view? Or will you be the neighbor that calls the Gestapo on the friends you used to barbecue with and whose kids played with your kids because they are protecting their unvaccinated family members?

-K. Curtis

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