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"AZ Coalition for Medical Freedom" Hosts Arizona's 1st "March for Medical Freedom"!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

"...I'm here to celebrate Arizona because unlike every other state that I have been to, you guys are doing it right! You still, in this state understand the constitution of The United States of America - you celebrate the first amendment, - the right to make your own medical choices, the right to body autonomy and the decisions that your children and their health will be made by you and not some oppressive state government. THANK GOD FOR ARIZONA." - Del Bigtree

Arizona has been seen as a very welcoming state to many outside of it. We have a blend of different cultures, people, languages and more. Included in this, are many families that have fled their home state to seek refuge in Arizona due to government overreach forcing parents to induce medical procedures to themselves or their children or be under the threat of being banned from public places, fined and even jailed. Arizona has laws protecting this from occurring here in our home state. However, that does not mean we can be sitting content. The overreach in this aspect is taking the nation by flood. The Arizona March for Medical Freedom" Rally held on May 18th, 2019 at the Arizona State Capitol highlighted that thousands of Arizonans are not allowing this to occur in our home state.

Among many parents that spoke to the crowd about their child being damaged, themselves being damaged and the ultimate adverse reaction - their infant family member dying at the result of vaccines, the Arizona March for Medical Freedom Rally had world known activists in attendance. Activists like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of "Children's Health Defense" who has been a human rights activist his entire life - speaking on the corruption that is Pharmaceutical Companies. Del Bigtree, Founder of "Informed Consent Action Network" producer of the documentary, "VAXXED" and host of the rapidly growing online show, "The Highwire"recognized Arizona is "doing it right" when it comes to upholding our civil rights!

Local and Nationwide Mainstream Media was in attendance and yet, there was no word of a Kennedy being in the state of Arizona, no mention of the parents speaking on their children being maimed and killed, the twist they gave was that "75 people were in attendance" when in reality, nearly 1,000 Arizonans were out at the state Capitol rallying to protect their rights. The reality that millions of people world-wide are fighting to protect themselves and their children from the corruption of pharmaceutical companies.

Why the censorship? Why the false reportings? Why the push world-wide for vaccines to be mandated? Because we the people are rapidly growing in this movement! Pharmaceutical companies have a threat with the money lining their pockets when people begin to question their product. And while the 50 Billion Dollar industry is shooting out more and more vaccines (pun intended), more and more children, more and more people ARE being damaged and more and more people are realizing it is due to the blood stained hands of Big Pharma - the same companies that created the opioid crisis in our nation.

Arizona is recognized as a state that welcomes others, a state with its own natural beauty that possesses one of the 7 wonders of the world, and now we are being recognized as THE state that is "doing it right" by upholding our basic human and civil rights. Do not become complacent, Arizona! Do not stand by and think someone else will do the fighting for you. Do not think that because you don't have children, you don't need to fight. In order to continue to have these rights, we MUST continue to protect them! Take a stand Arizona! Start a revolution and BE the revolution.

By: K. Curtis

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